In the Rarity trailer, the foreground of the Boutique stage hides the characters. Are you going to make them transparent in the final version?

I’ll assume you meant the castle interior and not boutique. We’ll experiment with it.

Cheers to a year of Smash Ponies!

As the title says, it has been approximately one year since Super Smash Ponies started development.

From the start till now, the devteam has been working hard, prepping the game with fluid animations to awesome musical tracks.

We release monthly updates, but that’s about a small bit of what we have in the vault. We’ve actually made the following in the last year:

  1. 2.5 characters worth of animations.
  2. 44 music tracks which are comprised of original songs and arrangements from past Smash Bros games.
  3. A reworked engine for gameplay that stays true to a Smash Bros. feel.
  4. A conceptual storyline for Adventure Mode (that’s right, Adventure Mode!)
  5. Fancy menus.

Of course, there are some itty bitty details that can’t be revealed just yet - however, there is something else we do want to announce:

Flufflepuff is a new one joining one of these group projects no I can’t disclose what
I love what you guys are doing a support you greatly, but I feel this needs to be ask: If you guys found yourself compromised like mane6, will you take their route of complying and scrapping everything? Will you release what you have so far in order for other to complete it? Or will you go rouge and continue regardless of any C&D?

We’d comply and stop the development process (except perhaps the lead developer) — we still have our own personal lives to carry out and we don’t want to compromise those due to legal troubles. 
Of course, we’d probably just make other games under a new devteam name. 

Do you have any estimates for the date of a demo being released?

We can’t deliberate that for sure, since our development schedule isn’t consistent. Not to say that it isn’t constant though.

Please tell me that theres going to be a oc maker where you can make your moveset and special moves?

No plans for that at this time.

will pinkie be able to go from pinkie to pinkamena in the way zelda turns to shiek?

Lips are sealed for Pinkie’s moveset.

Will there be costumes for extra characters?

There shall be costumes.

so ever considerd going to evo next year

Super Smash Ponies will not be held at EVO next year. The game is more likely bound to show up only in pony-themed events/conventions.

Here’s a rarity. More details coming soon.